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Bearbar Olympic Barbell Free Weights Bar Black 20 kg Bearbar Black
264,99 €  incl. VAT

Bearbar Olympic Barbell Free Weights Bar Black 20 kg

Bearbar Black
264,99 €  incl. VAT
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Push your limits! The CAPITAL SPORTS Wolfbar barbell bar is specifically designed for high loads involved in weightlifting, power lifts and functional training.

With a length of 220 cm, 20 kg weight and a sleeve diameter of 50 mm it meets the requirements of an Olympic bar. The black oxidized bar is made of spring steel. The 40 cm-long sleeves, also black oxidized, can accommodate up to 2000 pounds (910 kg) of weight. Even with multiple daily bar dropping, the Wolfbar remains stable without bending or being damaged.

The bearings of the CAPITAL SPORTS Wolfbar barbell are also top quality: 4 needle bearings with 8 needles each, giving the weight holders a high degree of smoothness. This allows you to quickly and easily convert the bar during training, especially during the clean and jerk. The handle bar with 28 mm diameter and a fine knurling ensures a secure and firm grip.


  • Barbell bar for weightlifting, bench press, functional training, etc.
  • Extremely smooth weight intakes through high bearing: 4 needle bearings containing 8 needles each
  • Extremely high load capacity up to 2000 lbs / 910 kg
  • Corresponds to Olympic standards: 220 cm long, 20 kg weight, 50 mm sleeve diameter
  • Black oxidized handle bars and sleeves


  • Length of weight intakes: 40 cm
  • Suitable for daily multiple bar dropping
  • Material: spring steel
  • Sleeves multiple mounted
  • Diameter handle bar: 28 mm
  • Diagonal knurling for secure grip


  • Length: 220 cm
  • Diameter sleeves: 5.0 cm
  • Length sleeves: 40 cm
  • Weight: 20 kg


  • 1 x barbell bar
  • Delivery without operating instructions

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