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Renit Hi Temp Bumper Plates 50.4 mm Aluminum Core Rubber 2x25kg Renit Hi Temp 2x 25kg
189,99 €  incl. VAT

Renit Hi Temp Bumper Plates 50.4 mm Aluminum Core Rubber 2x25kg

Renit Hi Temp 2x 25kg
189,99 €  incl. VAT
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Weight 51 kg


Drop it! The CAPITAL SPORTS Renit Hi Temp bumer plates are your workout buddys during weight training. The rubber was molded at a high temperature and provided wtih a 50.4 mm opening, making it suitable for any barbell or Olympic bar. The aluminum core gives them an extremely high impact resistant and allows the weight plates to slide smoothly on the bar.

The CAPITAL SPORTS Renit Hi Temp bumper plates are extremely robust. The aluminum core and the resilient rubber make it particularly suitable for weight drops, as neither the ground nore the weights will be damaged by the impact. The CAPITAL SPORTS Renit Hi Temp bumper plates are delivered in pairs so that the home gym or box can be quickly equipped wtih the weights it needs.

Available weights: 25 kg, 5 kg (item 10030199), 10kg (item 10030200), 15kg (item 60001567), 20kg (item 60001568)


  • Two 25 kg weight plates for barbells or Olympic bars
  • 50.4 mm opening
  • Shock-resistant aluminum core
  • Does not damage floors thanks to its impact neutralizing rubber


  • Weight: per plate 25 kg
  • Material: high temperature molded rubber
  • Imprinted weight indication
  • Delivery in pairs
  • Color: black


  • Dimensions ( one weight plate): approx. 45 x 10 cm (ØxH)
  • Weight (one weight plate): 25 kg


  • 2 x weight plate
  • Please note that this article does not include an instruction manual

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