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Hitchrock Sling Suspension Trainer Hitchrock Sling Trainer
42,99 €  incl. VAT

Hitchrock Sling Suspension Trainer

Hitchrock Sling Trainer
42,99 €  incl. VAT
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Length 25 cm
Width 23 cm
Heigth 9 cm
Weight 1 kg


The Capital Sports Hitchrock is a versatile sling trainer for sweaty full body workouts. Countless exercises can be carried out based solely on gravity and your own body weight so that you can train your strength, balance and agility at the same time. In addition the device promotes the development of back and torso muscles, which helps prevent back and posture problems, as your upper body and spine are effectively stabilized.
With the Capital Sports Suspension Trainer, you can increase your endurance and train your muscles. Likewise, by increasing the complex movements that you can perform with the Hitchrock, your coordination ability will be improved for sports such as rowing, tennis, baseball, golf and many more. Through intense full-body workouts, the sling trainer improves your endurance while increasing your fat burning when the workout has ended. So exercisers with different training regimes can achieve their individual goals with the Capital Sports Hitchrock.

The sling trainer is the ideal training tool for home, hotels, outdoors, in the gym or wherever you want to keep in shape. Thanks to the snap hook, hinge and mounting strap- for trees and pillars- it is fixed quickly and ready to use outside as well as in. The fitness machine can be set up at any height, so there are no restrictions for use with regards to body size or stature. Since the exercise itself can also be customized by changing the body position, the Capital Sports Hitchrock is suitable for all fitness levels.


  • Compact sling trainer with non-slip handles and convenient length adjustment
  • Additional extension strap for universal mounting options
  • Includes transport net and door hook


  • Countless possibilities for sport-specific exercises
  • Easy to carry, can be used anywhere
  • No height restrictions
  • Suitable for all training levels


  • Packing: 22.5 x 4.5 x 24.5 cm (WxHxD)
  • Unit length: max. 1.7 m
  • Attachment loop length: 95cm
  • Weight: about 1kg


  • 1 x Device
  • 1 x Door hook
  • 1 x Mounting strap
  • 1 x Transport net
  • Please note that the item comes with no instruction manual

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