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CAPITAL SPORTS Pro Amaze Smith Machine Cable Cross Lat Pull Pull-up Bar Pro Amaze Smith Machine
1.699,99 €  incl. VAT

CAPITAL SPORTS Pro Amaze Smith Machine Cable Cross Lat Pull Pull-up Bar

Pro Amaze Smith Machine
1.699,99 €  incl. VAT
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Length 210 cm
Width 198 cm
Heigth 198 cm
Weight 246.5 kg


The Smith Machine Pro Amaze by CAPITAL SPORTS allows you to train all muscle groups and bring a gym right into your home! From thigh to buttocks muscles, from core training to back and chest muscles, with this system you can train all sorts of muscles with device alone.

It is made of powder-coated steel, is extremely robust and also ideal for gym use. In addition to the guided barbell, the Smith Machine also has the option of a cable cross and can also be used as a lat pulldown and pull-up station, making it much more than just a Smith Machine.

With the cable cross, the brackets can be adjusted from 20-180 cm and are therefore suitable for all body sizes and general needs. The multivariable chin-up bar offers a variety of grip options and allows you to perform a variety of chin-up exercises. Free barbell training is also possible: There are 2 flexible safety spotters, which can be attached if required and are height-adjustable in 16 steps. Since you can also use the Smith Machine with a weight bench, it can also be used as a professional bench press. Of course, the device provides the highest possible level of safety: The guided barbell has hooks and stopper hooks that secures the dumbbell at all times. Thanks to the powergrip, the barbell itself provides excellent support and is only waiting for its use.

On the sides of the Smith Machine Pro Amaze are a total of 8 intakes for the storage of weight discs. All weights with a diameter of 50 mm can be used: nothing stands in the way of your professional training at home!

Please note that the device is supplied as a mounting kit and without weights and a free barbell.


  • Professional: Smith Machine as a multi-gym
  • Multifunctional: Smith Machine, Cable Cross, Lat pull-up and pull-up station
  • Extremely robust: suitable for gym use
  • Safe training: with a guided barbell
  • Excellent grip: chin-up bar with a multigrip


  • Includes a chin-up bar
  • With a weight plate support
  • Made of extremely durable steel tubing
  • 8 holders for weight plates


  • Space requirement: approx. 184 x 210 x 170 cm (WxHxD)
  • Internal spacing: 126 cm
  • Length of bar intake: 28 cm
  • Weight: about 246 kg


  • 1 x Smith Machine (mounting kit)
  • 2 x safety spotter
  • User manual in English (further language: German)

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