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Tremendour Plus Power Rack Home Gym Lat Pulldown Steel Black with lat pulldown Tremendour Pl Black
528,99 €  incl. VAT

Tremendour Plus Power Rack Home Gym Lat Pulldown Steel Black with lat pulldown

Tremendour Pl Black
528,99 €  incl. VAT
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Length 214 cm
Width 165 cm
Heigth 118 cm
Weight 30 kg


Capital Sports delivers the Tremendour Plus Power Rack: the ideal multifunctional trainer for any home gym where serious muscle building is the priority. As we know from fitness studios, a power cage is an essential basis for exercises involving the use of weights and barbells - especially if you want to train safely alone. The Tremendour from Capital Sports is made completely of solid, powder-coated steel and leaves little to be desired as a Power Rack. It offers the possibility for various muscle upgrading work in its basic form. First and foremost, of course, are weight lifting exercises with barbells. Two Safety Spotters are secured in the left and right of the cage, and can be height adjusted via screw-safety catches. Twenty height positions are available so that the rack can be adjusted according to both individual needs and the selected exercise.

In the right sided Safety Spotter two dip rods can be attached, so that flexion supporting exercises- with and without weight belts- are easily possible. A chin up bar is mounted in the front in the upper frame. Capital Sports is still well aware of what's tried and true. As a double bar with vertical and oblique connectors, it offers multiple grip options, allowing for the implementation of all pull up exercises - such as instep, comb or hammer handle. The training level of the multigripp-chin-up bar is an impressive 2.10m, thus tall people can train without contortions. The 120 cm double rod comes in a regular width, which means that both the novice and the well-trained professionals can find a comfortable reaching height.

The Tremendour Plus Power Rack offers even more fexibility through four J-hooks- each attached to the corner posts and separately adjustable- that allow you to train at the front of the cage. They are the ideal foundation for typical bench press exercises, once you use the rack in conjunction with an appropriate bank that easily fits in the interior space. As an extension and culmination there is also a lat pulldown located at the rear of the rack, which really turns the Tremendour from Capital Sports into an all-round fitness machine. The lat pulldown has an upper and a lower rope so that it is suited for nearly all your training needs. As all standard load weights can be used with a mounting diameter of 30mm. Clamping springs are included to secure the weights.

Visually speaking, the solid steel construction, with its sturdy black powder coating and the blue J-cups, makes it clear at first sight that serious training is paramount to this device. This finds emphasis in the high load capacity, but even with up to 300kg weight, the rack's stability will not bethreatened.

Please note that the power rack comes as an assembly kit that needs to be fully assembled by you in your desired location. Please also note that the lat pulldown is supplied without weights.

Available versions: with lat pulldown, without lat pulldown (item 10027846)


  • Solid construction made of steel square tube
  • Two height-adjustable safety spotters
  • Back lat pulldown tower with upper and lower control cable
  • included multigripp-chin-up bar
  • For wire pull, pull-up bar, back flexing and weight lifting exercises as well as bench press


  • Attachable dip bars for right-sided Safety Spotter
  • Four separately adjustable J-Hooks
  • Authorized user: 120 kg
  • Rack total load: max.300 kg
  • Lat pulldown suitable for all standard weights with 25mm intake (weights not included)
  • Training pull-up bar height: 210 cm
  • Additional total load cable pulldown: max. 100 kg
  • 20 height positions for Safety Spotter and J-Cup
  • Screw-security grid
  • Black powder coating for the steel beams
  • Blue powder coating for the J-Hooks
  • Weights fuse on Latturm over spring clamps


  • Dimensions (mounted rack with lat tower): 118 x 214 x 165 cm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: about 116 kg


  • 1 x Device (assembly kit, comes in 5 cartons)
  • English manual (other languages: German)

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