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Dominate Edition Set 12 Basic Rack Rig 1 x Pair J-Cups Dominate Edition Set 12
1.999,99 €  incl. VAT

Dominate Edition Set 12 Basic Rack Rig 1 x Pair J-Cups

Dominate Edition Set 12
1.999,99 €  incl. VAT
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Weight 5.022 kg


The Dominate Edition Set 12 from CAPITAL SPORTS is the perfect basis for a cross-training box.

This rig has been manufactured from 3 mm steel and powder coated, like all parts of the Dominate Edition. This means that it is extremely robust and can support almost any load. All products from our Dominate Edition may be combined, individually set up, rebuilt and expanded with a broad range of accessories to any size.

The basic rack consists of six 228 cm upright bars with extra-large floor plates for a secure stand while bearing high loads. The cornerstones are connected by a 110 cm double bar. There are two different handle options: a 3.2 cm (1.25”) and 5.08 cm (2”) diameter. Four laterally-built rack square attachments with 110 cm give the metal structure the necessary stability.

The possibilities for extensive weight training are expanded by two J-cups, which find various mounting heights thanks to numerous intakes in the uprights. The J-cups are sturdily manufactured, fully galvanized and may be loaded with a weight of up to 250 kg. Plastic pads help to protect the weight bars.

The dumbbell bracket offers barbells with 50 mm sleeves a secure and stable fit. The 25 cm-long support tube provides a solid mount for your bar, preventing the risk of damage to the bearings. You can always store your barbell where you need it: directly on the rack.

The CAPITAL SPORTS Plahol are practical weight disc holders which can be mounted directly on the rack.

The solid metal design allows a maximum load capacity of up to 200 kg. Your weight disc holder has a diameter of 50 mm and can easily hold multiple weight plates.

The CAPITAL SPORTS Dominate Edition Rack Landmine barbell holder is the ideal addition for Landmine exercises. It is compatible with all CAPITAL SPORTS racks, half racks and rigs of the Dominate Edition.

This holder is suitable for Olympic barbells with a diameter of 50 mm. A flexible joint allows for freedom of movement in all directions which increases the training possibilities to an incredible number of shoulder, back, and ab exercises. The sturdy metal construction has a load capacity of 143 kg.

Please note that the barbell bracket should always be installed on the outerside of the rack and never under a pull-up bar to avoid risk of injury.

All products of our Dominate Edition may be individually combined, built up to any size and expanded with a broad range of accessories.


  • Classic pull-up bar with width of 109.5 cm : suitable for pull-ups, muscle-ups as well as T2B
  • Double pull-up bar with a width of 108 cm and two handle possibilities
  • Two J-cups with plastic contact surfaces to reduce noise
  • Stable dumbbell bracket for secure mounting of all barbells with a 50 mm sleeve
  • 35 cm long weight disc holder with a 50 mm diameter and a 200 kg max. load-bearing capacity
  • Barbell holder with a flexible joint for freedom of movement in all directions
  • Suitable  for Olympic barbells with a 50 mm


  • Combinable and expandable
  • Material: metal
  • Finish: powder coating
  • Colour: black


  • Total dimensions: approx. 108 x 228 x 170 cm (WxHxD)


  • 6 x upright bar (10029642)
  • 4 x rack square 43 (10029638)
  • 4 x rack square 24 (10029637)
  • 1 x rack bar (10029639)
  • 1 x double bar 110 (10029635)
  • 1 x pair J-Cups (10028412)
  • 1 x dumbbell bracket (10029641)
  • 3 x weight disc holder (10028817)
  • 1 x pair safety spotter (10028818)
  • 1 x barbell holder (10029633)
  • Please note that this article does not come with a user manual.

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