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Amazor H Rack Safety Spotter J-Cups Solid Steel Amazor H Rack
529,99 €  incl. VAT

Amazor H Rack Safety Spotter J-Cups Solid Steel

Amazor H Rack
529,99 €  incl. VAT
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With the Amazor H power rack, CAPITAL SPORTS delivers the ideal multifunctional trainer for the home. As is known in fitness studios, a power cage provides a varied base for exercises involving the use of free weights - especially if you want to train safely alone.

The Amazor H power rack from CAPITAL SPORTS is completely made of powder-coated steel, thus enabling a high load-bearing capacity. It provides the opportunity for various forms of muscle strengthening work in its basic version, above all in weight lifting exercises with the barbell. Two safety spotters with protective rubber pads are attached on the left and right of the cage, which may be adjusted in height via safety plug latches. Thirty height positions are adjustable, allowing the rack to be customised as needed according to the exercise needs.

The chin-up bar offers multiple grip options, so that you can implement all different chin-up exercises, whether in the instep, comb or hammer grip. The training level of the multi-grip chin-up bar is approximately 2.18 m, thus allowing even taller trainers to train fully. With 98 cm wide grip, both novices and well-trained professionals can find a comfortable grip.

There are 10 intakes in total for the storage of weight plates at the rear of the rack. All weights with an intake diameter of 50 mm may be used.

The J-cups are made of robust powder-coated steel and protected against corrosion and scratching. The bearing surfaces of the weight intakes are also rubberised, providing further protection and minimising noise.

Visually, the solid steel construction impresses with its robust black powder coating. If desired, the rack can be directly connected to the ground. However it is also solid and absolutely stable with no permanent installation.

Please note that the device is supplied as an assembly kit. Please note that the device is supplied without weights.


  • Multifunctional rack for weight lifting, chin-up and cable exercises
  • Two adjustable safety spotters with rubberised bearing surface
  • Chin-up bar with two handle options and 3.6 cm handle diameter
  • Two J-cups with rubber bearing surface and barbell rack with rubber bearing surface
  • Intakes for the installation of fitness bands


  • 30 height positions for safety spotter, J-cups, etc.
  • 10 shots for weight plates with 50 mm (Ø)
  • Possibility for anchoring in the ground (optional)
  • Two dumbbell bar intakes
  • Material: powder-coated steel
  • Load-bearing capacity safety spotter: max. 500 kg
  • Load-bearing capacity J-Cups: max. 350 kg
  • Load-bearing capacity weight disc holder 150 kg
  • Load-bearing capacity chin-up bar: max. 150 kg


  • 190 x 225 x 144 cm (WxHxD)
  • Distance front side: about 104.5 cm (W)
  • Safety spotter contact surface: about 4.5 x 68.5 cm (WxD)
  • Weight disc holder: about 23 x 5 cm (WxØ)
  • Chin-up bar holder: 98 cm x 3.6 cm (WxHxØ)
  • Training height chin-up bar: about 218 cm (H)
  • Weight: about 94 kg


  • 1 x device
  • English assembly manual (other languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish)

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