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Viket 4 Kettlebell Vinyl 4kg 4kg CS Viket 4
16,99 €  incl. VAT

Viket 4 Kettlebell Vinyl 4kg 4kg

CS Viket 4
16,99 €  incl. VAT
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Length 18 cm
Width 11 cm
Heigth 15 cm
Weight 4 kg


Whether you're using it for curling, pushing, swinging or simply as an additional body weight, the V-ket Kettlebell by Capital Sports is a versatile training tool for holistically improving physical performance. Kettlebell training is different from normal weight training as it uses all muscle groups, not just individual muscles, due to the special shape of the kettlebells. The three-dimensional exercises promote muscle interaction and coordination.
Like other Capital Sports products, the V -ket Kettlebells are high quality for optimal training support. The weight is made entirely from cast iron. The handle bar is extra smooth for easy swinging. The spherical weight has a thick vinyl covering to absorb shock and prevent damage to floors or furnishings. In addition, the rough covering of the ball offers excellent grip.  With a perfectly flat base and sides, the kettlebell can be placed anywhere, while the large-sized handle is perfect for bigger hands and ensures that the kettlebell can easily be used as an additional body weight.
Available weights: 4kg , 8kg ( item 10028368 ) , 12kg ( item 10028369 ) , 16kg ( item 10028370 ) , 20kg ( item 10028371 ) , 24kg ( item 10028372 ) , 28kg ( item 10028373 ), 32kg ( item 10028374) 


  • 4kg kettlebell for combined muscle strengthening and coordination.
  • High-quality vinyl coating to protect floor and furnishings.
  • Smooth dumbbell handle for swing training.


  • Weight: 4kg
  • Roughened coating for grip
  • Large handlebar suitable for all hand sizes
  • Flattened base and sides
  • Wind and weather resistant: suitable for use outdoors
  • Weight clearly indicated on kettlebell for easy distinction
  • Colour: Black


  • Dimensions: approx 16 x 16 x 8.5 cm ( WxHxD )
  • Length (handle bar): 13 cm
  • Diameter (handlebar): 2.8 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg


  • 1 x Kettlebell
  • Please note that an instruction manual is not included with this product.

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