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Hexbell Dumbbell pair of dumbbells 2 x 30 kg CAPITAL SPORTS Hexbell Dumbbell pair of dumbbells 2 x 30 kg
179,99 €  incl. VAT

Hexbell Dumbbell pair of dumbbells 2 x 30 kg

CAPITAL SPORTS Hexbell Dumbbell pair of dumbbells 2 x 30 kg
179,99 €  incl. VAT
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Weight 62 kg


Whether for bodybuilding, cross-training or functional training, with the Hexbell Dumbbells from CAPITAL SPORTS you always find the right weight.

The balanced iron cores, covered In a robust sheath of hard rubber, give the Hexbell dumbbells their weight. With the Hexbell you get a pair of 2 x 30 kg dumbbells, which are suitable for use in the home gym, outdoors or in a professional studio also. Its thick plastic cover is shock resistant and protects floors from damage, so you can drop them safely. with its hexagonal heads they are absolutely suited for push-up walks, providing a safe and secure grip.

The 11cm long, black oxidised handlebar is firmly connected to the dumbbell heads. Knurls and a slightly conical shape guarantee good grip, even in wet hands. The solid material combination of plastic and chromed steel makes the Hexbell dumbbell resistant to any kind of weather, so it can also be used outdoors.


  • Two fixed 30 kg dumbbells for body building, cross-training or functional training
  • Thick, shock-resistant hard rubber covering to protect floors and furnishings
  • Black oxidized dumbbell handles with a snug knurling for a firm grip


  • Embossed weight indication for fast weight set recognition
  • Hexagonal barbell heads: safe stand e.g. for push up walks
  • Weights are not changeable
  • Resistant to any kind of weather: suitable for outdoor use
  • Colour: black


  • Length (barbell): about 39 cm
  • Length (handlebar): 13 cm
  • Diameter (weights): 17 cm
  • Diameter (handlebar): 2-3 cm (conical)
  • Weight: 2 x 30 kg


  • 2 x dumbbells
  • Please note that this item does not include any instructions manual.

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