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Looptar Gymnastic Ring Set Wood Quick Release Nylon Straps Gymnastics Looptar Gymnastic Ring
48,99 €  incl. VAT

Looptar Gymnastic Ring Set Wood Quick Release Nylon Straps Gymnastics

Looptar Gymnastic Ring
48,99 €  incl. VAT
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Length 24 cm
Width 24 cm
Heigth 7 cm
Weight 2.5 kg



The Capital Sports Gymnastic ring set is a portable and flexible training tool for a variety of different weight exercises . It's ideal for pull-ups , dips or muscle -ups and is a flexible accessory for training due to manageable dimensions and low weight.


The rings are instable due to their design and therefore the therefore, the muscles are much more under strain when exercising with them than during comparable exercises in a static environment. Successful ring exercising requires a lot of practice, coordination and strength .


The rings are made ??from high quality and durable birch wood and provide a natural, non-slip surface . The heavy-duty nylon straps each have a length of 465 cm, which ensures maximum flexibility for locking the rings at different heights. The 15 - stage markings on the straps is particularly helpful for adjusting height. Strong quick-release metal buckles allow you to become used to the rings quickly and provide secure grip in any situation.




  • Gymnastic ring set for weight exercises such as pull-ups , dips and muscle -ups
  • Ideal for targeted upper body training and for strengthening core muscles
  • Quality natural wood rings with 23 cm internal diameter and 2.8 cm handle diameter
  • Durable nylon straps with 465 cm length and practical markings for easy height adjustment in 15 stages
  • Powerful quick-release metal fasteners  - for extra-secure grip and easy adaptability



  • Natural grip
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Capacity: 200 kg per strap
  • Material: Wood (birch), nylon, metal
  • Markings: 0 to 15



  • Ring: 2.7 x 465 cm (WxD)
  • Handle diameter: about 2.8 cm
  • Outer diameter: 23 cm
  • Inner diameter: 18 cm
  • Strap weight: 249g each
  • Ring weight: 290g each


  • 2 x gymnastic rings
  • 2 x straps with quick-release buckle
  • Please note that no operating instructions come with this product.

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